Legal Status

We aim to protect the forest under the highest legal status, an RPPN status (Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Natural). This excludes direct use of the land, but does allow for environmental education, sustainable tourism, and scientific research to be carried out. As a reserve, the forest receives legal protection where the federal Brazilian government becomes co-responsible for the advocacy of the land.

Social Projects

Our objectives cannot be achieved without involving the local communities. Positive social impact, involvement and support is created by the projects we organize locally. In addition to social projects that we initiate and implement ourselves, we alsosupport the local community by looking for alliances, offering expertise and partners. Find more information about our projects in the stories section.

Active Protection

Our third strategy focuses on continuous protection of the protected area. Through collaboration with research institutions we search for sustainable administration and monitoring techniques of the status of the rainforest. In this approach we comply with international standards regarding preservation and conservation.

Economic Incentives

The most important reasons of deforestation such as mining, agriculture, timber production, are economically driven. We aim to demonstrate the economic possibilities of exploiting Amazonian rainforest in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. Together with both local and international knowledge institutes we work on strategies for development of economic activities which coincide with the maximum legal status whilst allowing for green economic and social development.

Purchase of Land

The purchased parcels of pristine rainforest are all accompanied with complete and accredited administrations. After purchase we georeference all the land in order to finalise the ascription. In this way the foundation perpetuates ownership indefinitely as a private reserve. We use modern administrative technologies to strengthen the legal status of the protected forests.


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