We preserve pristine rainforest in the Amazon jungle

With our network, donors and other partners we preserve primary rainforest aiming for indefinite preservation in the future.

Mission Statement Core Values A great team
The Amazon rainforest plays an important role in regulating the worlds climate. The protection of the rainforest preserves the livelihood of millions of people, ten percent of all animal species and has a great value as the Amazon functions as the lungs of the earth. We protect as much Amazon rainforest as possible. We are committed to the protection of the valuable rainforest of the Amazon, to create awareness of the need to preserve rare animal and plant species and to preserve vulnerable ecosystems. Opção Verde is a volunteer organization and all donations go directly to our work with the communities and the purchase and protection of rainforest. Our way of working can be described as innovative, brave, energetic and fun, we are honest and take ownership for the things we do.

Meet our team

The Opcao Verde Foundation is the brainchild of Helena da Costa and Victor Freijser. Helena grew up along the Urucu River in the area and met Victor later in life. They shared their passion for the rainforest and around 2003 came up with their plan to protect it from deforestation with the local community. This led to the foundation which has evolved into the current professional team of enthusiastic volunteers and employees. We are an international, multi-talented team of ambitious people from different backgrounds. Together we are committed to preserving as much rainforest as possible and realizing social projects with Amazon residents, in the spirit of our predecessors.

If you like what you see, Join us!

We're interested in partnerships with individuals, NGOs, businesses and volunteers to help local communities in the Brazilian rainforest with sustainable living and rainforest preservation. You're always welcome to join us so drop us a line.