With your help we increase the area of preserved rainforest with 36,5 hectares a day!


Since 2010 the preserved area of Brazilian rainforest has increased to 120,000 hectares of pristine forest


Over 50 communities are living in and from the rainforests preserved by the foundation


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We are well on our way preserving the Amazon rainforest

Opção Verde preserves forests along several lines of protection
  1. Protection by ownership. Forests lots are bought by the foundation or donated to Opção Verde.
  2. Involve local people, and make it more attractive to keep the forest alive. This we want to attain by helping with setting up business models and to monitize products and services from existing forests. When a standing forest is worth more due to these potential earnings, the motivation to protect the forest will be boosted.
  3. Education on the value of forest ecosystems, and support of existing programs in local schools, in order to empower people living in the forests in protecting the environment they live in.
  4. Good monitoring by satellite imagery, but also on the ground. Trespassing and illegal logging can then be nipped in the bud by warnings and local law enforcement.
  5. Innovation that can also be implemented in other preservation projects in other areas.

Preservation of rainforest

Fundação Opção Verde is a patrimonial Brazilian Foundation which is able to acquire new lands for preservation in Brazil through donations. The purpose is to protect as much rainforest as possible for eternity. In that regard, the foundation looks at lands on the riverside in order to protect the hinterland; the rivers act as roads and when we protect the areas next to these ‘water roads’, the lands behind these lands become almost inaccessible. We aim to buy lots of pristine forest close to each other in order to create a larger protected area later in time.

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Active protection

In The Netherlands we support monitoring by local communities through the use of up-to-date and top-quality satellite data and technologies such as artificial intelligence to learn when, why and to what extent deforestation is taking place, or predict where it will in the future. In short; active protection revolves around ownership, local involvement, education and support, forest monitoring systems, and innovative technologies.

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Social impact

The most important ambassadors for forest preservation are local communities; people living in, around, and from the forest. These are also the people who have most to gain from forest preservation. That is why we engage with them to demonstrate the environmental and social benefits of rainforest preservation and also how standing forests can still lead to economic growth over a longer period of time. We aim to support their needs which can entail access to knowledge, access to markets, improved logistics, or cooperation for example.

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Our Latest Activities

Our foundation is actively working with locals on education, preservation of rainforest and innovation.

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