We preserve pristine rainforest in the Amazon jungle

With our network, donors and other partners we preserve primary rainforest aiming for indefinite preservation in the future.

Mission Statement Core Values A great team
The Amazon rainforest plays an important role in regulating the worlds climate. The protection of the rainforest preserves the livelihood of millions of people, ten percent of all animal species and has a great value as the Amazon functions as the lungs of the earth. We protect as much Amazon rainforest as possible. We are committed to the protection of the valuable rainforest of the Amazon, to create awareness of the need to preserve rare animal and plant species and to preserve vulnerable ecosystems. Opção Verde is a volunteer organization and all donations go directly to our work with the communities and the purchase and protection of rainforest. Our way of working can be described as innovative, brave, energetic and fun, we are honest and take ownership for the things we do.

Meet our team

We're a multi-talented team of ambitious people from different backgrounds. Together we're committed to preserve as much rainforest as possible and realise social projects with locals from the Amazon in doing so.

Helena da Costa


Helena was born in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, very close to the areas the foundation preserves. As the founder of Opção Verde Helena is comitted to the interaction with locals, authorities and our partners. Helena was one of the builders of the Flamboyant; a beautiful building made of natural materials in the middle of the jungle at the Urucu river for which she has received an award for a sustainability project in Brazil. She also runs the offices of the foundation in Manaus and in Coari. Helena knows her way through the rainforest and is a great hostess.

Jaclyn Bolt

Business Innovator Sustainability

Jaclyn is an environmental economist by training and works at Wageningen Environmental Research in The Netherlands as a researcher and business innovator. She is the daughter of Helena da Costa, and naturallly the forest has played an important role in her upbringing. Jaclyn graduated in 2007 with business models for non-timber related forest products in the Amazon, Brazil. Within the foundation Jaclyn works on new ways of thinking about rainforest preservation together with local partners and communities. Jaclyn is also a great chef and very good at keeping the group vibrant and motivated.

Ruben Veefkind

Strategy Consultant

Ruben is Strategy and CO2 manager at Greenchoice, a Dutch renewable energy supplier. Greenchoice is a founding sponsor of the activities of Opção Verde. The reason that Greenchoice has been involved from the start, is making CO2-impact while preserving biodiversity and helping local communities at the same time. Ruben has a background in Earth & Ocean Sciences, and is motivated to make long term impact with this project. For the foundation Ruben focusses on the monitoring and setting up ways to involve Greenchoice customers. Ruben has a lot of humour and is great with numbers.

Yvette Watson

Entrepreneur in Circular Economy

Yvette is co-founder of PHI Factory, a social enterprise that supports organizations to accelerate towards a circular economy. Through implementing circular solutions, new business models and collaboration through the chain organizations can improve their sustainability performance tremendously. For the foundation Yvette considers circular economy solutions. She also focusses on new ways to create awareness and involvement for preservation of the rainforest. Yvette is a multitalent, very energetic and can get anything done.

Martin Havik

Sustainability entrepreneur

Martin Havik is a freelancer working in the sustainable energy sector in The Netherlands. Martin has a background in both architecture and Industrial Engineering and has extensive volunteering experience in conservation projects in various countries. He is part of our fiscal board and checks if our projects align with the needs of the local communities. Martin makes great puns and can point out all the interesting plants and animals living in the habitat of the foundation.

Martijn Bolt

Blockchain Implementation Specialist

Martijn is a freelance blockchain implementation specialist and committed to improving fragile governance structures using more sustainable - distributed - models. For the foundation Martijn focuses on the modernisation of rainforest preservation, trust-free administration and modern communication technology. Martijn knows things before anybody else knows them and has a lot of humour

Monica Bonfim


Mônica has been involved with the Foundation from the first moment of conception. Mônica graduated in Rio de Janeiro and has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer specialised in civil law working in Manaus, Brazil. She helps the foundation in all judicial matters and our communication with local authorities to make sure the foundation can reach its goals. Mônica keeps her promise and gets anything done. She`s also an excellent host.

If you like what you see, Join us!

We're interested in partnerships with individuals, NGOs, businesses and volunteers to help local communities in the Brazilian rainforest with sustainable living and rainforest preservation. You're always welcome to join us so drop us a line.